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How can you protect your skin from the sun?

11.10.21    « EXPERTS » reports
Written by The experts IOMA

Summer’s here, and the sun’s back out! If you want to take full advantage, it’s essential to protect your skin from harmful UV radiation. Sunburn is not just unpleasant, but can be actively dangerous to your health too.

Before you go out

Skin that is properly prepared will react better to the sun, and will enjoy a more harmonious and longer-lasting tan.

Before you go out, it is crucial to hydrate your skin, as exposure to the sun will dry it out and make it fragile.

Recommended for dry and dehydrated skin, Sérum Hydratant Optimum is designed to refresh your skin and rehydrate it before you head out into the sun.

Exfoliation is also recommended before exposure to the sun, giving you freshly scrubbed skin that is ready to tan. A scrub will stimulate cellular regeneration and eliminate the impurities in your skin. Exfoliation promotes a long-lasting tan, but don’t overdo it: any more than two scrubs a week can dry your skin and leave it vulnerable to the sun.

The Voile Exfoliant Douceur is a soft exfoliating gel which turns into an oil upon contact with your skin to restore its original softness. It is the perfect way to exfoliate without drying your skin.

Out in the sun

Now you’re out in the sun, it is vital to apply sun protection if you want to protect your skin from sunburn and the dangers of UV radiation. You need protection from UVA (responsible for your short-term tan, but causes premature ageing of the skin) and UVB (responsible for your long-term tan, but also sun-burn and most skin cancers).

The Cell Protector offers the highest level of protection against UVA, UVB and environmental stress. This offers perfect protection from all kinds of attacks on your skin, whether UVA/UVB light or even pollution. It provides SPF50+ and PA+++ protection.

Important: sun protection won’t stop you from getting a tan – but it will prevent sunburn and sun-stroke.

Later in the day

After you’ve been out in the sun, your skin will invariably have dried out under the impact of the UV rays on your skin. Hydration is essential to stop your skin from peeling straight away.
Oil hydration will help soothe an overheated epidermis, and help counteract any damage the sun may have done to your skin.
In addition to nourishing and plumping your skin, Sublime Oil helps repair and restore by rebuilding the dermis.

For sunburnt skin, Crème Apaisante is the perfect way to hydrate and soothe away any burns and discomfort caused by the sun.

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