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Choosing the right night cream

15.03.21    « EXPERTS » reports
Written by IOMA experts

Skin regenerates overnight. Night cream boosts cell renewal and helps correct imperfections to restore a smooth complexion. There are night creams for each skin type: moisturising, nourishing, anti-age … night cream is an essential part of any beauty routine and we are going to help you choose the right one and use it effectively.

Why is night cream important?

As we sleep, skin cells regenerate and the epidermis repairs itself.
Skincare applied in the evening will not be affected by external stresses in the way that day creams are. So the only activities our skin needs to carry out overnight are hydration and repair. This is why skin is more receptive to the active ingredients contained innight creams.
Thorough cleansing before going to bed and applying night cream are therefore essential.

How do I choose the right night cream?

Each skin type has different needs:

For mature skin, choose a smoothing cream that fights against skin ageing. The night cream will maintain the water content of cells to ensure cellular regeneration and skin firmness.
Our Generous Night Cream is a repairing, anti-age cream which restores firmness and smooths wrinkles. It enables skin to defend itself against dryness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

For mixed or oily skin which produces excessive sebum, choose a regulating night cream which also moisturises. If skin is well moisturised, it will no longer need to produce sebum to protect itself.
Day and Night Repair Gel from our Pureté range is sebo-regulatory skincare which corrects imperfections and restores radiance to the skin. Its gel texture is also more pleasant for mixed and oily skin.

For dry or dehydrated skin, choose nourishing skincare to provide comfort and protect the skin barrier. Hyaluronic acid is often found in these types of skincare treatments and is recognised for its moisturising properties.
Our day and night optimum moisture cream from the Hydra range is a real moisturising bath for dry and dehydrated skin. It strengthens the skin’s natural defences and retains water in the upper layers of the epidermis. It softens and protects skin.

For sensitive skin, choose a soothing cream that is rich in calming active ingredients.
Our day and night Soothing Cream from the Calm range soothes redness and provides lasting relief from overheated skin. It strengthens the skin’s natural defences to help protect against daily stresses with optimal comfort.

How do I apply my night cream?

Apply your night cream after thoroughly cleansing and drying your skin: if all make-up has been removed from the skin, pores will not be blocked and the cream will be able to take effect without obstruction.
Start by applying the night cream to your forehead, and then move down over the rest of your face and neck. Always use upward movements with your fingers to help fight against sagging skin.

Discover other IOMA night skincare treatments.

Vitality Sleeping Mask is applied before going to bed, just like a night cream. Whilst you’re asleep, this mask diffuses an optimal concentration of key active ingredients to boost your skin. It rests and hydrates the skin so that on waking, your complexion is fresh and radiant.

My Night Cream is a personalised skincare treatment with a unique formula which reflects your skin’s genuine needs. 8 dosed serums are selected based on your skin’s characteristics and are added to an active base with creamy texture.

Sublime Oil:
Night is the best time for skin to fully benefit from the properties of a face oil. It prepares skin to optimally receive the active ingredients in a night cream and maximises its efficacy, whilst protecting skin with its moisturising properties. Oil is also an excellent anti-age skincare treatment. Sublime Oil stimulates dermal reconstruction and provides skin with nourishment, hydration and firmness.

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