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The Research


The Skin Atlas

The IOMA Skin Atlas brings together over 1 million skin diagnostics
summarised, compared, sampled.

Each day, the IOMA Skin Atlas is enriched by
the results of the 3,000 diagnostic devices distributed worldwide.

Skin know-how unique to the
IOMA research department.


The IOMA research institutes

In the heart of the French Silicon Valley, near Grenoble, the IOMA Research Centre manages the unique combination of high-technology and dermo-cosmetic science. On the same site are engineers, micro-electronics, computer scientists, but also scientists, dermatologists, formulators. For all, a single shared ambition: to achieve an intimate knowledge of each skin to create cosmetic treatments with proven efficacy.

This collaboration, so precious and so special between technology experts and skin experts has been enriched further.
Since 2013, IOMA has formed a strategic partnership with the Unilever group. Indeed, IOMA Research teams conduct a close collaboration with 3 UNILEVER research centres dedicated to skin care, that bring together more than 1,500 scientists: Colworth, in the United Kingdom, Trumbull in the United States and Shanghai in China.


Formulation principles and commitments

IOMA has only one goal: proven efficacy for every woman on every skin.

Formulated in true scientific spirit, the IOMA treatments do what they say and meet all guarantees.



Proven efficacy

IOMA research teams carefully design each care as a meticulous and complex assembly with one imperative: proven effectiveness.
IOMA research teams follow strict specifications

  • Selection of the best performing active ingredients in dermo-cosmetic science
  • Concentration of active ingredients at record doses
  • Boosting of active ingredients by textures best suited to their full efficacy


Quality 100% made in France

For each of our treatments, the formulation* and manufacturing* are carried out in our partner factories in France. Each time, the same attention, the same attention to detail.
* following the procedures of the SEAC (Safety & Environmental Assurance Centre) of UNILEVER