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Choosing MA CREME
MA CREME is a made to measure cream. There are two ways of preparing your personal formula.

- You have already performed a skin diagnosis on an IOMA appliance in-store and you have kept your MA CREME printed formula; you can order your tailor made formula online.
At the first step, you must select "Create my custom care among 40 257 possible options".

- If you've never done a skin diagnostic using an in-store IOMA device or you have not kept your results, you can find the MA CREME formula best suited to your skin with the "I carefully select a ready-made treatment from 6 "EXPERT" formulas".

Why is there MA CREME day and MA CREME Night?
Your skin's needs are not the same during day as they are during the night.
So that your skin's needs can best be met at any time, IOMA offers one customized formulation for the day and another for the night.

How can I collect my formula if I have already performed a skin diagnosis on an IOMA device?
If you have already performed a skin diagnosis on an IOMA device and the MA CREME product was chosen in your product recommendation, you can collect a print-out of your customized formulation provided for you at the end of your in-store diagnosis.

If you made your diagnosis on a IOMA LINK, you have received your product recommendation in the form of a ticket. At the bottom of this ticket is a category called "Your personalized programme". This is where you will find your Ma Creme formula.

If you performed your diagnosis on an IOMA BEAUTY DIAG or IOMA SPHERE device, at the end of the diagnosis you will have received your product recommendations on 1 to 3 printed sheet/s. On these sheets is a table telling you the number of doses of each serum.

How to enter my MA CREME formula?
If you have your MA CREME customized formula, you can enter it online and order your customized product.

The formula consists of 8 sera called H1, H2, H3, R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, each with specific properties.
Each serum contains, according to the formula, from 1 to 9 pipettes.
The formula contains a total of 40 pipettes.

Ma Crème acts according to the formula that has been recommended to me.

To start the formulation click on H1 serum identifier and then select the number of pipettes to give this serum. Continue with the H2 serum and so on until the last R5 serum.

Counting aids show you at every step the number of pipettes already added and the number of missing pipettes.

If you have reached the maximum of 40 pipettes filled before the last serum R5, please reduce the number of pipettes used in previous serums.

Once your formula is complete, continue by clicking on "Validate my formula".
The button "Validate my formula" becomes active when your formula is complete.

What does the action chart represent?
The action chart you can see on the right of your screen represents the proportion of each serum in your cream. The closer the coloured area gets to a peak, the more dominant the effect of this serum will be in the formulation. The closer the coloured area is to the centre, the less serum will be present in your formula.

If you have chosen Ma Crème Jour and MA CREME Nuit, two colored surfaces are superimposed. The lightest is for Ma Crème Jour.

What are the "EXPERT" formulas?
The "EXPERT" formulas are MA CREME products specially designed by our team of EXPERTS in our laboratory.
You can benefit from all of MA CREME's innovation in just a few clicks.
You'll be amazed.


How is MA CREME manufactured?
Thanks to IOMA FACTORY, your customized cream is prepared just for you by an expert technician in our laboratory.

IOMA FACTORY is the culmination of five years of research, five years of multidisciplinary work that brought together engineers, designers and experts in formulation.

This real technological focus is capable of providing personalized face care with unique serum dosage precision.

The right amount of each of the 8 serums is automatically added to the Active Day Base or the Active Night Base.

The package is then sealed to keep it in good condition and mixed to give a perfect consistency.

Storage & quality

MA CREME shelf life?
Like all IOMA brand products MA CREAM keeps up to 12 months after first use. You can find this information on the product packaging through the pictogram

How is the quality of IOMA products guaranteed?
The IOMA Research teams design each treatment as a meticulous and complex blend, with one sole imperative: proven effectiveness for every woman on all skin types.

To achieve this, IOMA Research teams follow strict specifications:
• Selection of the most effective active ingredients in dermo-cosmetic science,
• Concentration of active ingredients at optimum doses to ensure effectiveness?
• Optimization of textures to provide an exceptional sensory level and improve the implementation and effectiveness of care routines.
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