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Goal: choosing your make-up remover for healthy skin that is perfectly clean

24.03.22    Uncategorized
Written by IOMA experts

Removing your make-up is the most important stage in your beauty routine for ensuring beautiful skin. Even if you don’t wear make-up, your skin, be it is sensitive, dry, normal or mixed, is subjected to more and more stress each day.

All skin types are exposed to the risk of skin ageing through the accumulation of impurities that are not cleaned off. By cleansing, you reduce the appearance of imperfections and the proliferation of  bacteria.

Make-up remover is therefore essential for clean skin and should be used before any facial cleanser to ensure that skin is clean and free of make-up residue.
Your skin will also absorb any skincare treatments that you apply after cleansing more effectively: serum, cream, eye contour…

Your choice of make-up remover is very important and should be made on the basis of your skin type to guarantee pleasurable and effective cleansing.

Make-up remover for dry and sensitive skin

Opt for rinse-free make-up removers as this will ensure that your skin is not further stressed by limestone in the water.

Make-up removing milk is suitable for use on dry and sensitive skin as it moisturises without stressing skin. Due to its aqueous (which makes the solution more fluid) and oily (rich material to remove undesirable elements from your skin) composition, it restores comfort to the skin. Make sure that it doesn’t contain any comedogenic ingredients to avoid blocking your skin’s pores and generating imperfections. Make-up removing milk isn’t necessarily suitable for use on mixed to oily skin as it risks further increasing excess sebum production, rather than restoring balance.

However, the Moisturising Cleansing Milk is suitable for use  on all skin types with its fresh gel texture and provides a pleasant cleansing experience even for oily skin.

You can also choose to use a cleansing oil for added comfort or a cleansing cream which is perfect for soothing the tightness of dry, sensitive and mature skin. IOMA Gentle Cleansing Cream gently removes make-up and impurities to protect and strengthen skin. Removing your make-up will become a pleasurable part of your skincare and your skin will be silky soft.

Make-up remover for mixed to oily skin

Oily skin needs deep cleansing and purification as a priority. There is no need to provide moisturising elements as this risks further increasing excess sebum.

Cleansing milk removes impurities and gently cleanses without rinsing. It doesn’t contain any moisturising properties, and this is why skin feels fresh after use. However, it can cause tightness in dry and sensitive skin.

Restore your radiant complexion with  IOMA Youthful Pure Cleansing Water. It guarantees cleansed, toned and even skin in a single gesture.

However, mixed skin characterized by an oily T zone and dry zones will need to achieve a balance between cleansing and moisturising. Choose a light texture such as a non-greasy milk or a micellar water, depending on what you prefer, although cleansing gel or mousse is the best solution for deep cleansing and removal of the impurities that accumulate over the course of the day. After you have removed your make-up, don’t forget to apply a moisturising fluid.

Make-up remover for the eyes

The best option is to use a specific eye make-up remover. As this area is very fragile, we recommend that you use a suitable skincare treatment. For more resistant make-up (waterproof), use a bi-phase water and oil formula to gently dissolve and remove the coloured pigments in the make-up.

Opt for IOMA Fresh Gel Eye Makeup Remover  for a volume-enhancing treatment for your eyelashes. It increases eyelash volume, length and resistance to enhance the beauty of your eyes.

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