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Choosing the right day cream

05.08.20    « EXPERTS » reports

Day cream is the skin care product that is most frequently purchased and used by both women and men, ahead of make-up even. But how do you choose the right product for your skin type from all of the products on offer, each more innovative than the next?

Choosing your day cream requires you to carefully analyse your skin beforehand. In fact, you need to know how to decipher your skin’s needs, which is why it is so important to carry out a skin diagnosis.

Dry skin and oily skin with imperfections need different day creams. On the other hand, all skin types need to be moisturised.

How to choose the right day cream for my skin

To choose the most suitable day cream for your skin type you will need to take several criteria into consideration:

Skin type: normal, mixed, mature…
The problem: dry skin, imperfections, wrinkles, fine lines, lacking radiance…
The texture: fluid, rich, light, gel…
The ingredients: natural, gentle ingredients to avoid skin aggression with concentrated active ingredients for improved efficacy.
The environment: sea, mountains, exposure to the sun or the cold… Your skin’s moisturising needs can vary depending on the environment in which you live.

What is my skin type?

Oily skin: you have thick, resistant skin with a particularly shiny “T zone” and your skin lacks radiance. Your skin is also more prone to imperfections and spots.

Dry skin: your skin is tight and suffers from redness, your make-up doesn’t stay in place for long and you can spot visible areas of flaky skin (dead skin on the surface).

Dehydrated skin: your skin feels tight at certain times of day, after cleansing the skin or after showering and can even be painful. Your skin never feels comfortable and has fine wrinkles.

Sensitive skin: you skin is very delicate and reactive to exterior stresses (stress, head, cold) and is particularly prone to redness or rosacea.

Dull skin: your skin lacks radiance, your complexion can seem “grey”, stress, medical treatments, not enough skin care. Lots of factors come into play for this skin type.

Mature skin: Signs of passing time are beginning to appear, you skin lacks elasticity and has more or less pronounced wrinkles, and the contours of your face are beginning to be less clearly defined.

My perfect routine

Meticulous make-up removal: the perfect routine cleanses the skin of the impurities that have accumulated and prepares it for receiving skin care treatments.

A serum: a serum is essential under a day cream or night cream to ensure optimum hydration of all the skin layers. To save time, some rich or light creams with a 2-in-1 action (cream and serum in a single skin care treatment) are available.

An eye contour treatment: to suit your age and skin type. The eye contour area is very fragile and needs specific skin care with ageing.

A night cream: skin regenerates as we sleep, so it’s important to apply the right skin care treatment before going to bed. Choose a moisturising night cream, or even a nourishing one, unless you use your preferred treatment as both day cream and night cream.

You can vary your cream to reflect the seasons

It’s best to avoid heavy textures in summer. We recommend that you choose a light, fluid texture which will be quickly absorbed by your skin and leave you with a fresh sensation.
In winter you can go for a richer texture for more comfortable skin.

You can also use a thermal water spray to soothe dry skin both in summer and in winter (high temperatures and cold spells can both stress the skin) or a brume hydratante to protect the epidermis throughout the day and impart a feeling of freshness as temperatures rise.
You should also drink lots of water in the morning to hydrate your organism and help eliminate toxins. Generally speaking, drinking lots helps skin stay fresh and hydrated.

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