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What is an age spot?

23.11.20    « EXPERTS » reports
Written by Experts IOMA

An age spot or liver spot is a dark spot on the skin that is caused by an increase or reduction in normal skin colour. Hyperpigmentation refers to brown, red or pink spots and hypopigmentation refers to white patches, vitiligo etc. There are many factors that may cause these changes is skin pigmentation ; sun, age, stress, environment and lots of products are available to help alleviate them, ranging from targeted treatments to more general skincare.

Can age spots be prevented?

Currently the most effective solution for preventing age spots is to use sun protection throughout the year. UV rays are present in winter as well as summer, and even when it’s raining. SPF 30 should be applied as a minimum every day throughout the year. For more fragile skin, light skin, mature skin or during pregnancy, it is advisable to use SPF 50. New sun care products are now available with “PA ++++” labelling. This legislation is, in addition to SPF 50, a defence against the harmful effects of UVA which is largely responsible for the appearance of age spots.

How can I treat age spots?

The main objective is to reduce synthesis and melanin being transported to the surface of the epidermis. By using gentle active ingredients such as vitamin B3, we are able to curb this process to a large degree.
Make sure you continue to apply high protection sun cream products every day throughout the year.

The perfect routine?

For a comprehensive anti-age spots routine, well-known, recognised active ingredients have proved effective and are highly recommended.

– Vitamin E: a powerful anti-oxidant, prevents the propagation of free radicals which cause general ageing of the skin and its cells. Make sure that your anti-age spot serum or your day/night cream contains vitamin E.

-Vitamin C: a powerful anti-oxidant with depigmenting and lightening properties present in some facial anti-age spot skincare products.

– Vitamin B3 or niacinamide: a broad-spectrum anti-inflammatory active ingredient that prevents melanocyte inflammation and thus melanin overproduction. Many anti-age spot serums or anti-age spot concentrates contain it.
– Sun screens and filters: active ingredients that act as screens to deflect UV rays, prevent penetration into the different layers of the skin and therefore help preserve sun capital and a youthful appearance. Available in cream, oil and mist format.

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