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The best anti-aging makeup secrets

Our skin changes with age: it looks less plump, loses its glow, and little hollows settle in permanently...Well, quite simply, we age. So, how to apply makeup as we age? Revitalizing our skin and brightening it up is possible thanks to anti-aging makeup.

14.02.23    « EXPERTS » reports

The core of this makeup is the complexion: the essential and unavoidable step if we choose the right product! Indeed, if we don’t have much time to dedicate to our makeup every morning, it is better to concentrate only on our complexion.

Here are some expert tips to brighten up our complexion with anti-aging makeup.

Younger-looking skin thanks to foundation!

Foundation is the makeup product that we definitely must change and adapt as we age. Let’s see why. “Our skin texture becomes uneven, wrinkles start to appear, and the skin loses volume, causing a sunken, hollowed-out appearance. And it is these small wrinkles and fine lines that some foundations tend to accentuate,” says Aude Morteveille, dermatological and cosmetic expert, and training manager at IOMA Paris.

The key to anti-aging makeup is the texture: it should be light, hydrating, and glowing. Moisture is always crucial in a beauty routine and all the more so for mature skin.

So, opt for formulas that lock in water and make your skin look and feel fresh, even hours after application.

According to our IOMA expert, although there is no such thing as an anti-aging makeup product, there are indeed 2-in-1 products with hybrid formulas that combine skincare and makeup, called tinted moisturizers.

What are tinted moisturizers?

Opt for tinted moisturizers, such as a BB or a CC cream, to give your skin a sun-kissed glow and, above all, brighten it up. These products have beneficial effects on the skin and can also cover up imperfections and the signs of aging, such as loss of radiance, uneven skin tone, and unbalanced moisture levels. Remember that moisture is key because well-moisturized skin absorbs the product better and prevents our makeup from clumping and clinging into unpleasant dry patches during the day.

BB cream vs. CC cream: what’s the difference?

These products are tinted moisturizers that combine several functions. They are formulated with moisturizing ingredients, ingredients that protect the skin from environmental pollutants, and sometimes with a higher or lower SPF to protect against UV rays. The actual difference between these products is the coverage: BB cream (“Blemish Balm”) conceals blemishes, while CC cream (“Color Control”) evens out the complexion.

IOMA Paris launches its CC cream: CC Gel, Perfect Glow Tinted Gel

The sunray in our beauty routine! IOMA CC Gel is packed with a moisturizing complex to ensure long-lasting hydration. Its formula contains hyaluronic acid to moisturize and protect the skin. Glycerin, known for its hygroscopic properties, catches water molecules and retains them in the epidermis. Finally, Fucocert moisturizes and builds a protective, non-occlusive matrix on the skin to protect it from external stress factors.

Makeup for mature skin: a step-by-step guide


Prep your skin properly prior to applying makeup. The most important thing is to layer the right skincare products on top of one another before applying your tinted moisturizer so that it blends into your skin. In addition, this makes your makeup easier to apply and long-lasting.

First, properly cleanse your skin with the Radiance Exfoliating Cleanser to get rid of impurities and dead cells. Then, brighten your skin with the Vitality Shot, which is used as an illuminating primer to add a glowing touch to your complexion.


Why do so many foundations accentuate pores and make the skin look wrinkled and dull? The answer lies in the texture.

IOMA has developed a CC cream with a light, smooth jelly texture.

The texture contains microcapsules that melt upon contact with the skin, releasing pigments. The magic happens: in a few seconds, the fresh transparent jelly texture transforms into a tinted cream that ensures a healthy glow, like a ray of sunshine that beams upon the skin. This lightly tinted moisturizer has a silky finish and moisturizes the skin instantly.

Its innovative and ultra-lightweight formula makes the texture easy to blend and layer, allowing you to adjust the color intensity according to the desired effect. It leaves a fresh, non-sticky, residue-free finish for naturally sun-kissed skin. Plus, there’s no need to choose the right color: IOMA CC Gel suits all skin tones.

How to apply your tinted moisturizer?

Applying a tinted moisturizer using your fingertips helps achieve great results and ensures an ultra-natural healthy glow. The best technique is to apply it first onto the back of your hand, then to your face once the transparent texture has changed its color. Blend over the face from the center outwards. If necessary, add more in those areas that need additional coverage.

A last tip on how to hide wrinkles? Aude, our IOMA expert, recommends applying the product perpendicular to the wrinkle: “Never apply the foundation along the wrinkle axis because this would accentuate its hollow by an optical illusion.”

Here we are with an ultra-natural, beautiful complexion, thanks to products that help take care of our skin. Pores and small lines disappear as if we were using a filter!

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