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Should I choose a serum or a cream? What’s
the difference?

14.03.22    Uncategorized
Written by IOMA experts

With so many treatment products available, it can be difficult to understand why they’re used and how to choose between them. However, there are two products that should be an essential part of your routine: cream and serum.

These are two very distinct treatment products with very different properties.


Cream helps to protect your skin against dehydration caused by daily impact from factors such as stress and pollution. It helps keep the epidermis soft and supple and helps restore the skin barrier so as to reduce feelings of tautness or the appearance of red patches and dry areas of skin. Several formulas have been created in response to a variety of problems, and these are also adapted to your skin type. Whether you skin is dry, greasy, normal or a combination, cream can be more or less rich, nourishing or more or less versatile to ensure the necessary hydration.

You can use day or night hydrating creams, which have completely different textures. In fact, day creams are lighter so that your make-up holds and so as to reduce excess sebum and/or sweat, while night creams are richer in order to better nourish your skin while you sleep.


Serum is a rich concentrate of primary active ingredients. It has a light texture as it also contains a small concentrated amount of water for a more effective application. In fact, it is quickly absorbed by the skin, which is why you should always apply a cream to make up for the lost hydration, no matter your skin type. You don’t need a large amount of product, only a few drops will be enough to provide a wide range of active substances to the cells of your skin that can perfectly target your needs.

IOMA has a range of different serums, whether you need hydration from Optimum Mosture Serum, firmness from Ultimate Generous Serum, radiance from Vitality Shot or even brightness to reduce skin blemishes with Youth Pearl Essence. For best results, IOMA recommends ‘MON SERUM’ and ‘MA CREME’, a serum or cream that is tailor-made with IOMA In.lab technology based on your skin’s needs.

Depending on your skin problems, the product could be used as a temporary treatment, to help guide your skin through a stressful period or change of season, or as a permanent treatment. This is the case for anti-ageing serums, which provide the necessary daily nutrients for mature skin with the need to prevent skin ageing factors such as the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and a lack of firmness.

Instructions for use

For best results, always apply your serum before your cream.

We recommend that you apply your serum in the morning and in the evening, and only when your skin is clean and free of make-up. And don’t forget to apply a cream for more comfortable skin. The serum and cream form a very good base for applying make-up that does not leave your skin at risk of drying out. However, for make-up that holds for longer, opt for creams with light and hydrating textures that will not leave you looking shiny.

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