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SKINIFICATION : Take care of your hair like your skin

24.06.22    « EXPERTS » reports
Written by IOMA experts

Taking care of your hair

Nowadays, a basic shampoo is no longer sufficient to preserve the beauty of your hair from root to tip. Since the scalp is stressed in the same way as the skin, its condition greatly affects the appearance of your hair.

The scalp is indeed an extension of our epidermis which requires care, rich in active ingredients, just like the skin does. Widely acclaimed for skin care, several active ingredients have proven to be effective, such as hyaluronic acid which acts as a moisturizer. Today, hair care products are formulated with quality and highly effective ingredients to provide you with targeted hair care that is just as effective as skin care.

Often ignored, hair care cannot be narrowed down to just two products. It is time to adopt a hair care routine inspired by facial care, for example. Prepare your scalp with a scrub to eliminate impurities and activate microcirculation to receive other care treatments such as a shampoo, conditioner, mask or serum.

Personalize your hair routine

It is also important to personalize your hair routine as each type of scalp and skin condition is specific and require different approaches. For example, a scrub may not be appropriate for all hair types as it may upset the balance of the most sensitive scalp skins.

A tailored routine means using suitable textures with a selection of targeted active ingredients to provide an accurate, comprehensive and appropriate response to individual hair characteristics.


In order to provide expert solutions to each problem, IOMA HAIRCARE offers 7 hair beauty boosters:

To beautify your hair, end your hair routine with the Moisturizing Hair Serum Essence, our moisturizing essence, for all hair types. This lightly textured leave-in treatment is used on wet hair, strand by strand, avoiding the scalp, as well as on dry hair before styling for shinier, more supple and frizz-free hair.



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