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In.Lab Report: new developments in customization!

22.09.17    « EXPERTS » reports
Written by Alexandra RAILLAN


MA CREME IOMA In.Lab, the new generation of customization

Because we wanted even more In.novative, more In.telligent, more In.ventive, more In.escapable, more In.spiring…our engineering team invented…IOMA In.Lab! IOMA IN.Lab…years of research, months of sketches, calculations, and trials to be able to miniaturize this unique and ingenious expertise…in order to facilitate customization!

A word from Jean Michel Karam, founder and president of IOMA.


“Innovation is an attitude, a way of thinking differently; it’s about seeing what others do not see and can’t even imagine being able to create.
Great innovations always come at a time when it is ‘impossible’ to do better. And now we are able to miniaturize the genius.
The creative machine is keeping a low profile and using its technological advancements to serve as many as possible… My dream is coming true. My vision is becoming reality. The revolution is on. And tomorrow will never be the same.”

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IOMA In.Lab is…

A formulation in less than a minute

Ma Crème Formulation

Because nowadays every minute counts…we wanted to push back the boundaries of technology again. After years of research and development, we are proud to introduce IOMA In.Lab.


Once you have completed your skin diagnosis at a point of sale, the beauty consultant enters your formulation number…And ta-da! The device begins to formulate your MA CREME treatment before your eyes. Your treatment is ready in one minute! The consultant will give you your MA CREME box with a certificate of authenticity.


there is an NFS tag under each bottle. The advantage? Traceability! The tag stores each serum number of your combination. This is also IOMA technology!

IOMA In.Lab in action !

appareils diagnostic peau

For 7 years, IOMA Paris has been providing beauty consultants with extraordinary diagnostic tools. Mirror, Link, Sphere…the IOMA devices analyze your skin and its evolution, to better meet the needs of each person! A brand philosophy supported by IOMA’s pioneering DNA and leader in custom-made cosmetics. And in the concept of “made-to-measure cosmetics”, there is the word “measure”. What is faster, more reliable, more reassuring, and more scientifically-irrefutable than a diagnostic tool that is able to measure all the parameters of the skin: hydration rate, pigment spots, excess sebum, and even dead cells…thereby revealing what is invisible to the eyes.

Behind the scenes of the creation of IOMA In.Lab!

A miniaturised packaging device

inlab formulation

inlab appareil miniature factory de crème


IOMA In.Lab is a device that delivers your unique, personal MA CREME treatment before your eyes.


Ma Crème is first and foremost two bases, Day and Night, concentrated in active ingredients to adapt to the chronobiology of the skin. During the day, the skin protects itself from external aggressions; at night, the skin regenerates. This is the skin’s natural beauty cycle.


With the manually-produced MA CREME, we used 40 pipettes (0.25 ml each). A total of 10 ml was added to the active base.


With MA CREME In.Lab, the pipettes are no longer used. IOMA In.Lab contains a total of 8 serums—3 moisturizing serums and 5 regenerating serums. Each serum provides microdoses of 0.07 ml. For each MA CREME, 144 microdoses are added to the active base for a total of 10 ml.


With MA CREME IOMA In.Lab, you don’t need to use a serum under your treatment!

MA CREME, the luxury of a unique treatment, Day or Night

ma creme jour nuit

MA CREME is a unique formula just for you. A unique formula among 40,257 possible formulas…An unprecedented combination of different serums adapted to your skin’s needs. 3 moisturizing serums and 5 regenerating serums to exalt your skin day after day.

H…for hydration

R…for regeneration

In IOMA In.Lab, 144 microdoses (10 ml) of serum are added to the active base (Day or Night).

ma creme jour nuit


MA CREME is an exceptional concentration of active ingredients that act in synergy to meet the needs at the instant I, at the moment M, at the diagnosis D of the client. Unisex and multi-ethnic, MA CREME is suitable for all types of skin (even sensitive)!


Key point:
18 different active ingredients, 10.5% active ingredients in total.
Its role?
To focus on hydration and protection, through its cocktail of moisturizing and anti-radical ingredients.
The bonus?
Its ultra-fluid texture for fast penetration.



Key point:
18 different active ingredients, 13.8% active ingredients in total.
Its role?
To focus on anti-aging through its cocktail of anti-wrinkle, firming active ingredients.
The bonus?
Its creamy texture is very pleasant to use.

ioma appareils diagnostic

Mirror, Link, Sphere…IOMA Paris uses its technology to serve its clients. Number 1 in personalized cosmetics, IOMA is the only brand with proven efficacy on the only skin that counts for IOMA: the skin of every client. Measuring is good. But being able to compare is even better. Is your skin more hydrated? Are there fewer blemishes? Fewer red blotches? Are wrinkles less pronounced? The IOMA technology enables this comparison. Skin evolves over time; IOMA monitors this evolution day after day. Four to six weeks after the first diagnosis, clients can come back to compare their diagnosis and verify the efficacy of Ma Crème (or any other IOMA beauty ritual) on their skin! It’s unique, it’s IOMA.

The freedom to choose pre-defined formulas

ma creme preformulee

A preformulated MA CREME, the quick and easy option…IOMA IN.Lab has thought about all the women who would like a ready-to-use MA CREME without going through the diagnosis… Because these requests must be taken into account, Eric Viviant, Director of the IOMA Care Department, has preformulated 3 Day treatments and 3 Night treatments in order to thoroughly meet everyone’s needs.


MA CREME Day Essential
The ideal treatment for a change of seasons or returning from vacation: hydration and regeneration are at their maximum.

MA CREME Youthful Aqua
The treatment for those who want the essentials: a better-than-perfect hydration rate.

MA CREME Supreme Anti-Aging Day
Targeted youthful treatment: the anti-wrinkle serums are optimized for perfect action during the day.


MA CREME Night Essential
Targeted youthful treatment: the anti-wrinkle serums are optimized for perfect action during the day.

MA CREME Youthful Repulp
The glamour treatment: provides devitalized skin a little pep thanks to the powerful moisturizing and plumping cocktail.

MA CREME Supreme Anti-Aging Night
Targeted youthful treatment: anti-wrinkle serums are optimized for perfect action during sleep/at night.

How do I place an order on the website ?

The customized option

Simply indicate the number of the combination you obtained after your skin diagnosis.

Order here

The preformulated option

Choose one of the 6 formulas offered.

Order here

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