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Youth Booster with hydration sensor


Youth Booster with hydration sensor

Second generation of connected anti-aging! A smart anti-aging formula with 4 actions: hydration, detox, renewal and protection.
New fragrance


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Highly concentrated in active ingredients, the new Youth Booster act on the four pillars of youth thanks to its smart ingredients : hydration, restoration, detoxification and skin protection.
Youth Booster is the only anti-ageing solution to incorporate an hydration sensor into the cap which measures your skin’s needs when you want, and as often as you want.

IOMA, eco-friendly brand
IOMA takes care of recycling the cap of your Youth Booster—which contains the hydration sensor—once it has been used. To do this, please download and fill out the form below and send it with your Youth Booster Cap to the following adress:
IOMA Customer Service
116bis, Avenue des Champs Elysées
75008 PARIS, France

Upon receipt, we will send you a €40-voucher which can be used toward the purchase of your next Youth Booster or toward any order over €150 on the website www.ioma-paris.com.

Download the form


Youth Booster has a unique silky texture that gives immediate skin radiance.

Proven Results

Self-evaluation Tests*
100% of volunteers liked the texture and
fragrance of Youth Booster

After the 1st application
More comfortable skin : 95%
Softer skin : 95%
More hydrated skin : 93%
More toned skin : 91%
Firmer skin : 88%
More radiant skin : 87%

After 28 days (2 applications per day)
Smoother skin : 100%
Skin feels more elastic: 100%
Skin is more toned : 98%
Firmer skin : 97%
Skin feels detoxified : 96%
Skin is more protected against external aggressions: 95%
Wrinkles are visibly reduced: 88%

In Vivo Test*
Effect on the hydration ratio
D14 : +28%
D28 : +65%

Firmness : +14% Improvement for 91% of volunteers
Elasticity : +30% Improvement for 77% of volunteers

*Study carried out on 44 women over 45 years old with a skin phototype between I and IV and monitored by an independent laboratory.

Usage tips

1,2,3 ... LED!
To follow the evolution of your hydration rate, it's simple! Just count the number of LEDs on!

Place the sensor on your cheek for 3 seconds and count the number of LEDs on.

* From 1 to 2 LEDs lit up = congrats! The hydration rate is excellent! Beauty tip: keep it up!

* 3 to 4 LEDs lit up = can do better! The hydration rate is to be reinforced.
Beauty tip: switch to one or two uses a day, morning and evening.

* 5 to 6 LEDs lit up = ouch, ouch, ouch! The hydration rate is low.
Beauty Tip: Go for two uses a day and add a serum under the skincare to your beauty routine.

Youth Booster, the anti-aging care connected to the basic needs of your skin!


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