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Youth Booster: The all-round anti-aging treatment

06.05.22    Uncategorized
Written by IOMA experts

Our skin is often exposed to pollution and becomes stressed by daily life. It is therefore in need of a treatment that can compensate for water loss and delay the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Youth Booster is the anti-aging treatment for you!

Developed with a 4-action formula: hydration, detox, renewal and protection. A silky cream with a unique texture that will immediately restore radiance to your face thanks to an optimised blend of active molecules (concentrated in optimal doses) to restore the skin’s youthfulness.

Beauty tips

Apply the Youth Booster in the morning and evening, alone or in combination with a serum, depending on your needs.

If you are looking for an intense sensory experience, the jar format allows you to enjoy the velvety texture of the Youth Booster to the full, but it is also available in a pump bottle format with an integrated moisture sensor.

And the extra benefit? It allows you to monitor and measure your skin’s hydration needs.

Place the sensor on your cheek for 3 seconds and count the number of LEDs that light up. The more LEDs light up, the more hydration is needed.

This means that you need to increase the number of times you use the treatment per day and ideally add a serum to your beauty routine for optimal results with the Ultimate Generous Serum.

The results

Results are visible from the first application. Day after day, your skin is more beautiful, smoother and firmer with a more youthful appearance.

After 28 days of application, the skin is up to 95% better protected against external stresses and wrinkles are visibly reduced by up to 88%.

IOMA, an eco-friendly brand!

We will send you a €40 voucher towards the purchase of your new Youth Booster (or for any order over €136 on the website) upon receipt of your used sensors at the following address:

IOMA Customer Service

87 rue Réaumur

75002 Paris 

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