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IOMA offers you a portable diagnostic tool that allows you to measure your skin’s hydration level in a few seconds, wherever and whenever you want!


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Hydration is the first indicator of the skin’s condition. The IOMA Cap diagnostic tool not only measures your skin’s actual hydration level so that you can adapt your beauty accordingly, it also shows you the effectiveness of IOMA products after use.

Usage tips

Remove the IOMA Cap device from the transparent sleeve, then press the switch inside. The six LEDs turn on, indicating that the sensor is activated.
1. Place the sensor on your cheekbone (on the part that protrudes) for three seconds
2. An LED indicator turns on when the measurement is complete. Remove.
3. Count the number of LEDs that turned on.
4. Refer to the chart printed on the sensor’s transparent sleeve.
To maintain the sensor’s responsiveness, and especially its golden contact disc, gently clean it after use using a damp cotton ball or tissue paper. We also recommend that you turn off your IOAM Cap after each use.


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