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Why is hyaluronic acid good for skin?

15.06.20    « EXPERTS » reports
Written by Elise, IOMA France trainer

Where does hyaluronic acid come from ?

Hyaluronic acid is a complex molecule and one of the main natural components of living tissues and of cartilage in particular. It is primarily synthesised by fibroblasts and keratinocytes (skin cells) in the different layers of the skin (the dermis and the epidermis). Skin is in fact that main reservoir of hyaluronic acid as is contains half of the body’s total mass. And it is the dermis that is richest in it.
Present in all living beings, hyaluronic acid can now be reconstituted from substances of natural origin, such as wheat.

What is the role of hyaluronic acid ?

You will have understood that hyaluronic acid is a molecule that is naturally present in the skin and our body makes sure that it produces a constant supply of it.
Broadly speaking, hyaluronic acid ensures that the structure of skin layers is maintained. Thanks to its visco-elastic properties and its ability to capture water and retain it, it gives skin a certain bounce and supports it. It is therefore essential to the biological activity of the skin and is one of the key elements in dermal and epidermal quality.
As we age, the quantity and quality of the hyaluronic acid that our skin contains reduces. The result is the appearance of wrinkles and skin that becomes thinner and is marked more easily. It becomes less firm and the shape of the face tends to sag.

What are the superpowers of hyaluronic acid ?

Depending on its molecular weight (its size), hyaluronic acid will have different effects on different levels of the skin:

The various sizes of hyaluronic acid are used in cosmetic treatments and the cream, serum or other facial skincare product varies accordingly:

Did you know?
Hyaluronic acid captures up 1,000 times its weight in water, which gives it unique hydrating properties. It even has the nickname “molecular sponge”.

For which skin types?

All skin types need hyaluronic acid, but in particular dehydrated skin and mature skin.
For example a serum that contains hyaluronic acid will be equally suitable for use on both oily skin or dry skin and hydration is important for all skin types and an excellent preventative active ingredient against skin ageing.
The use of skincare treatments containing hyaluronic acid is essential of anybody who wants effective skin hydration, skin that is re-plumped and to preserve young-looking skin.

The perfect routine to boost the skin’s water reserves

City Mist: a hydrating, anti-pollution, anti-blue light, soothing spray.

Apply in the morning after cleansing skin with a cleansing foam, two spritzes on the face for an immediate hydrating, soothing effect.
City Mist also enables you to fix make-up without creating a cardboard effect. It hydrates skin and protects against pollution and blue light. Apply as often as you like throughout the day to refresh make-up.

Youth Booster: the complete detox skincare treatment for the modern woman.

Use as a course of treatment twice a year, once at the end of winter and once after the summer holidays to re-boost skin. Apply in the morning and evening every day for 2 months. The added bonus is the hydration sensor incorporated into the cap which means that you can check the efficacy of the product and see for yourself that the skin’s hydration levels improve as the days go by.

Deep Care Moisturising Mask: the “anti-thirst” remedy.

Used once or twice a week, this mask is a real hydration treat for dehydrated skin. Apply evenly over the entire face and leave for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing. The mask can also be applied on the eye contour to smooth wrinkles. After just one application you can see the result with a hydrated, re-plumped face. A great complexion guaranteed !

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