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SUN REPORT : The effects of the sun on the skin

30.07.16    « EXPERTS » reports
Written by Audrey MONOT et Eric VIVIANT

The sun, friend or enemy to our skin?

We’ve waited a long time for it, and now that it’s here, how should we care for our skin when faced with the rays of the sun?
Find the answer with our experts: Audrey Monot, International Training Manager, IOMA, Eric Viviant, Director of the Care Department, IOMA.

If you have any skincare questions, send us an e-mail : info@ioma-paris.com

The sun, our lifelong friend…

soleil-notre-ami-pour-vieThe sun helps to recharge our batteries and gives us energy.
The sun helps to boost morale.
The sun heals certain skin diseases (allergies, eczema).
The sun, by it’s Vitamin C content, reduces the risk of osteoporosis.


The sun, our biggest enemy…


The sun is responsible for aging of the skin.
The sun can create the appearance of dark spots et des wrinkles.
The sun causes melanoma, one of the main cause of skin cancer affecting 7500 people per year in France.



How to care for our skin when exposed to the sun

Yes to sun exposure… but always protect your skin with high protection sunscreen.

Only one rule to avoid sunburn: sunbathe gradually the first days and avoid exposure between the hottest hours (11.am/4.pm).

Don’t forget that the amount of ultraviolet light waves (UV light) varies with

Apply sunscreen before leaving home to avoid surprise sunburn. Don’t forget: we don’t get sunburn’s only on the beach !

Did you know ?

gouttes shutterstock_399969217

Why do we have to dry ourselves off after a swim ?

The drops of water have a mirror effect that encourage sunburn and tend to reduce the effectiveness of sunscreen !
After a bathing, 2 solutions :
1/ We dry ourselves before re-applying a sun protection and exposing itself again.
2/ We dry under the parasol! It is more careful.



Why don’t the clouds protect us from the sun ?

Even with cloudy weather, you need skin protection because the clouds filter only 20% of the UV-rays !


How to enhance your tan ?

By removing the dead skin cells that dull the skin ! So, exfoliate your skin regularly, especially when you come back from vacation !

The IOMA master plan


Even in the city we must protect ourselves from the sun rays, which we don’t always think about. In order to help you, discover our new Apps, IOMA AMOI, a personalized and free application created by IOMA. It shows you the UV index number on your location and can even, like the weather report, present a forecast of the UV level for the following 3 days !





We don’t tan if we put a high SPF sunscreen: FALSE !
The sun protection factor protects your skin, while you tan. With a high protection factor, you’ll tan slowly but safely. Another advantage : Your tan will last longer !

I don’t need protection, I’m under a parasol : FALSE !
The sun’s rays aren’t stopped by the clouds, and surely won’t be stopped by a parasol. Don’t forget that the sun’s rays also reflect from the ground, so, yes we tan in the shade !

I put sunscreen on in the morning so I’m good for the day : FALSE !
Protection works only for a couple of hours. It needs to be applied every 2 or 3 hours and even more depending on your activity: swimming, intense sport, etc …

I prepared my skin with a self-tanning cream, I don’t need protection : FALSE !
Self-tanners do not protect the skin from the sun’s rays; it only colors the skin as an illusion !

IOMA Recommandations

IOMA Cell Protecteur SPF50 PA++++

It’s more than a sunscreen; it’s the assurance of a perfect protection for your skin against sun damage of any kind. It contains :
A combination of factors that protect the skin from all kinds of Ultraviolet rays (UVA/UVB).
An intelligent actif the Desoxine ® that reduces skin aging induced by oxidative stress.
As a result :the skin is better protected against premature cutaneous aging and the appearance of pigmentary spots.

Guidelines: apply alone or under your day cream, to the beach, in the city, as soon as your UV index is equal or above 3.

Where ? On the face, neck, ears, and the top of the hands.


Keywords: soleil, tanning, skin, sun, summer, bronzage, été, peau.

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