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  • Set Vitality Shot

Set Vitality Shot

The gift box includes the Vitality Shot IOMA brightening serum and a Swarovski® crystal bracelet.

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Set Vitality Shot

  • The gift box contains:

    - 1 Vitality Shot IOMA serum featuring a unique blend of active ingredients that instantly brightens the skin, protects it, and provides long-lasting smoothness

    - 1 slim precious bracelet decorated with Swarovski crystals to ensure your wrist is as radiant as your face.

  • The "serum" texture of Vitality Shot is unique, able to be applied alone or mixed with all IOMA products.
    Contains light reflector pigments.
    No parabens, no silicone, no mineral oil.

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  • Encapsulated vitamin C, vitamins E and B3

    The effects of skin fatigue are immediately neutralised

  • High-tech illuminators

    High-tech illuminators


    This matrix polysaccharide acts like a protective armour. It forms a barrier against 3 types of pollution: UV, domestic and atmospheric.

  • Tamarind polysaccharides and Stevia extracts

    Neutralises the effects of oxidative stress and external aggressions.

  • Polyphenols with anti-oxidant and regenerating properties, Pink Pepper tree extracts.

    Effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines.


    Restart cellular energy

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Beauty advice

With Vitality Shot, you personalise your use.
Apply 1, 2 or 3 drops of Vitality Shot before your day cream, depending on the required result:
1 drop: natural radiance enhanced
2 drops: boosted radiance
3 drops: new radiance created, energized skin

Set Vitality Shot

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