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Serum + Cream: The Duo you Need – IOMA

11.10.21    « EXPERTS » reports
Written by IOMA Experts

By now, serums have become an essential for most self-care routines. But why is the use of a day cream and a serum so effective a combination for your skin?

Why use a serum?

A serum is an intensive treatment filled with active ingredients. Often, they are more concentrated than a day cream, which generally contains more water. Serums have a lighter, more fluid texture than day creams, allowing them to penetrate the skin more quickly. This allows active ingredients to take effect more quickly on the skin’s different layers. Serums are designed to get your skin ready for the rest of your daily routine.

You should apply the serum to freshly-washed skin, before using both your day and night creams.

Why use a combination of serum + moisturizing cream?

On average, the concentration of active ingredients in a serum is 3 times higher than you would find in a day cream. Despite this fact, using a serum alone will not provide you with optimal effects. Using the serum first will increase the absorption of the active ingredients in the day cream.

What’s the best duo for dull skin?

The Energize range is designed to restore radiance to dull complexions and delay the appearance of early aging signs.

Vitality Shot is a smoothing serum that restores brightness to the skin through a unique complex of active ingredients. It is also very effective protection against pollution and other irritants.

Youthful Moisture Cream revives your natural youth and glow. Its unique composition of active ingredients replenish your skin to create a bright, plump feel, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Discover your skin’s true radiance with this fast-acting, long lasting duo, while also protecting yourself against the first signs of wrinkles.

What’s the best duo for dry skin?

For dry or dehydrated skin, the best choice is the cream and serum duo from the The Hydra range.

Optimum Moisture Serum is a thirst-quenching treatment for dehydrated skin. The long-lasting formula moisturizes the face and reduces wrinkles caused by dry skin, leaving the skin supple and bright.

Optimum Moisture Cream is a moisturizing cream with an airy, comfortable texture. It delivers deep hydration for visibly smoother skin.

This duo will soothe and rehydrate dry skin, to create a soft, supple feeling that lasts.

What’s the best duo for aging skin?

The Renew range is completely designed for aging skin, with anti-wrinkle and anti-aging treatments.

Ultimate Generous Serum fills in wrinkles, giving you the firmness and appearance of younger skin. It tones and protects the delicate skin of your face.

Generous Day Cream has a light and comfortable feel. Filled with antioxidants and restorative compounds, it fights against wrinkles and promotes a plump, full look.

Using this duo, your face will be firmer, more toned and more greatly protected.

Your personalized duo

Ma Crème, is the height of excellence for daily customized care. Choosing from 40,257 possible formulas, this treatment is adapted as closely as possible to your skin’s specific needs. Ma Crème replenishes the cells on the surface of your skin, while also moisturizing, regenerating, smoothing and firming your face, depending on your personal needs and requirements.

Mon Sérum with a light texture that melts into the skin, is an ultra-personalized, multidimensional treatment adapted for use on everyone. Designed to meet the specific issues of every skin type, it provides protection from the harmful effects of pollution and UV rays.

Choose from thousands of possible combinations to create the perfect duo, one that is designed to meet the specific needs of your one-of-a-kind skin.


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