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  • IOMA Youth Booster

IOMA Youth Booster

The first anti-aging skincare to prove its effectiveness on you

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50 ml / 0,5 FL. OZ.
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IOMA Youth Booster

  • IOMA Youth Booster is the first anti-aging skincare to prove its effectiveness on you with its moisturization sensor embedded in the cap. It's a world’s first !

  • IOMA Youth Booster has a unique silky texture that gives immediate skin radiance.


    Maintains volume and quantity of water in the cells


    Plumps, fills and hydrates the skin, its matrix traps water molecules to become a “genuine reservoir”


    Restructures and hydrates

    Strengthens cellular cohesion

    Prevents early agin


    Developed from Globularia Cordifolia leaf fragment

    Activates skin cell defenses

    Encourages more active detoxification (oxidized proteins deteriorate)

    Protect keratinocytes and base cells


    Activates protein synthesis in the skin barrier

    Stimulates cell mechanisms

    Increases skin radiance


    Regenerates cells and dermo-epidermal communication

    Strengthens and improves dermo-epidermal junction

    Encourages production of GAG and hyaluronic acid


    Activates skin defense and repair mechanisms


    Protects against aging,

    Reduces sensations of discomfort and protects against effects of time

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Beauty advice

IOMA Youth Booster benefits from a moisturisation patented technology sensor, unique in the world that can:

  • Measure your skin hydration level.
  • Determine your skin needs to adapt the exact application frequency.

To do this, on wash and dry skin, place the sensor on your cheek always in the same position for 2 seconds. Remove. Then, count the number of LEDs that are lit up.

Up to 3 LEDs lit: apply one application per day (morning or night).
More than 3 LEDs lit: apply two applications per day (morning and night).

  • Prove the ongoing effectiveness of IOMA Youth Booster.

With repeated application, the number of lighting LEDs decreases, proving that your skin is better moisturized and anti-ageing actives of the formula are maximized.

IOMA Youth Booster

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