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How to maintain a dewy appearance on your mature skin?

09.11.21    « EXPERTS » reports
Written by IOMA Experts

How to maintain a dewy appearance on your mature skin?

There’s no better way to improve your self-esteem than having dewy, shiny skin. However, if you have mature skin, you may find that maintaining a dewy appearance is challenging owing to the loss of natural oils and moisture that occurs as you age. Fortunately, we’re sharing our dewy skin secrets as well as the perfect steps such as exfoliating, hydrant, and antioxidant for mature skin.

What effects cause mature skin?

Your skin’s aging process is influenced by several variables, including your lifestyle, food, heredity, and other personal habits. Normal aging, sun exposure, pollution, and loss of subcutaneous support are all major contributors to wrinkled, spotty skin. Stress, gravity, everyday face movement, obesity, and even sleep posture are all factors that contribute to skin aging.

Does mature skin cause dry skin?

The skin loses elasticity and fat throughout aging while generating fewer oils, leading to sagging skin. Dry skin is more likely to develop as you get older. Your pores naturally produce less oil as you age, increasing your risk of dry skin. Dryness causes your skin to rough and slack.

What is the best hydrant care for mature skin?

Moisturizing your skin regularly is essential for keeping it dewy from the inside out. Start by layering the moisturizing serum beneath your moisturizer every day and night to optimize hydration. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring ingredient in our skin that helps us retain moisture. However, as we get older, we generate less of it, making it even more necessary to include it in your skincare routine if you have mature skin.

After applying hyaluronic acid serum, follow up with a rich regenerative and antioxidative cream. IOMA Youth Booster for Mature, Dull Skin to fight against wrinkles and recreate firmness. It has an anti-aging formula with four core functions: hydration, detox, regeneration, and protection. This day and night cream smoothes out the wrinkles, recreates firmness, and fends off dryness as well as the appearance of fine lines.

Although wrinkles and loosening of the skin happen over time, fresh, energetic, and moisturized skin is always attainable, now you know how to keep your mature skin dewy glowing, no matter your age.


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