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Beauty Miracle Capsule One question ?


Who can take Beauty Miracle Capsule?
Beauty Miracle Capsule has been designed for adult women from 30 years old.

Is it possible to take IOMA Beauty Miracle Capsule before the age of 45?
The effectiveness of Beauty Miracle Capsule has been proven on the skin of women over 45 years. During this period, wrinkles become a major concern.

Taking Beauty Miracle Capsule can also be attractive to younger women because the natural renewal of collagen begins to slow down at around the age of thirty.

Beauty Miracle Capsule is not suitable for children and adolescents.

Is there an age when it is too late to start taking Beauty Miracle Capsule? For example over 70?
There is no problem in taking Beauty Miracle Capsule once over 70 years old.
We have tested it on ages between 45 and 65, because this is the period when we believe our skin can benefit the most.
Therefore you could continue help nourishing your skin without any age limit.

Can men take Beauty Miracle Capsule?
There is no problem with men taking Beauty Miracle Capsule;
we recommend it for women because we have had positive results testing efficacy with female volunteers.

Is Beauty Miracle Capsule suitable for vegetarians or vegans?
Beauty Miracle Capsule is not suitable for vegetarian or vegans as one of the key active ingredients is Omega-3 fish oil.

How many capsules do I have to take daily?
Daily dosage is 3 capsules a day. The recommended daily ritual is 3 capsules morning or evening; or 2 in the morning and 1 in the evening.
The most important is to follow the same ritual option every day during 14 weeks.
Capsules have to be swallowed whole without chewing.

Is it better to take the capsules with or without food?
We recommend taking the capsules with water after a meal to help improve its intestinal absorption.
If possible, we also recommend taking the capsules at the same time each day to help keep a regular dose of actives to your body.

Can I break the capsules and dilute its content in water?
We recommend to not break or dilute the capsules, as the ingredients are not soluble in water.

Can I chew or suck the capsules to eat them?
We recommend to take the capsules whole.

Can I take Beauty Miracle Capsule if drinking alcohol sometime during the day?
While this has not been specifically tested,
we are not aware this would cause any issues,
but please do consult your doctor in case of concern.

What should I do if I forget to take one or more capsules or even missed a day?
We recommend you just continue with the recommended daily dose of 3 capsules, without compensating for missed days.
It’s acceptable to take the 3 capsules in the evening, if you forgot to take them earlier that day.
Do not exceed indicated daily dosage.

Can I take Beauty Miracle Capsule permanently as part of my skin care routine?
Yes, Beauty Miracle Capsule has been carefully designed to be taken as a complement to your daily skincare regime.
The safety of all the ingredients has been evaluated considering long-term usage.
There is no rest period needed.
A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are very important.
Supplements should not substitute for that.

What happens if I stop using Beauty Miracle Capsule?
If you stop taking Beauty Miracle Capsule, the achieved results will not disappear overnight, but they are likely to reduce gradually over time as the ageing process continues and the level of delivered active ingredients disappears from your body.

Is it possible to continue with a reduced dosage (eg. 1 capsule per day) after the initial 14 weeks?
We recommend keeping 3 capsules as the daily dosage, since we have proved this dosage to be effective in reducing skin wrinkles,
and cannot ensure the same benefit will be achieved in a reduced dosage.

Is there any dietary advice recommended while taking Beauty Miracle Capsule? Eg. removing caffeine, drinking more water?
A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are very important.
We also recommend avoiding smoking habits and excessive caffeine consumption;
and maintaining your topical skin care regime.

Will the effect be greater / earlier visible if I take more than 3 capsules per day?
In our clinical studies, results have shown demonstrably smoother skin with a visible and significant reduction in lines and wrinkles after 14 weeks with 3 capsules a day.
You should not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Can Beauty Miracle Capsule be taken while using cosmetic products?
Yes. In fact we recommend combining Beauty Miracle Capsule together with cosmetic products
for a more complete skin care regime to fight skin ageing signs both from inside and out.


What’s in Beauty Miracle Capsule?
A carefully selected mix of Soy isoflavones, Omega-3 (EPA+DHA), Vitamins C & E and Lycopene

What are soy isoflavones?
Soy isoflavones are extracted from natural soy beans and have been carefully extracted to closely match the natural isoflavones ratios of soybeans.

Are soy isoflavones the same as the isoflavones found in other marketed products such as red clover?
No, they are not.
Soy contains other types of isoflavones and soy has a long history of consumption unlike other marketed isoflavones such as red clover.

What are Omega-3?
Omega-3 are fatty acids and an essential component of all cell membranes in the human body
that are vital for cell growth, division and repair.
The Omega-3 used in Beauty Miracle Capsule are EPA and DHA, naturally found in fish oil (anchovy, mackerel and sardine).

What is Lycopene?
Lycopene is a red carotene that is extracted from red tomatoes.
The lycopene used in Beauty Miracle Capsule is obtained from red tomatoes. Lycopene is also the natural red colorant of water melons, pink grapefruit and other fruits.

What is the role of vitamin E?
Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin
and as such it is an essential nourishing ingredient that needs to be delivered from an external source.
It is also proven to protect the cells from oxidative damage.

What is the role of vitamin C?
Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin and therefore an essential nutrient.
Vitamin C is also proven to support natural collagen formation in the skin.

Does this Beauty Miracle Capsule contain any fat? How many calories does it have?
Yes, Beauty Miracle Capsule contains Omega-3 fish oil (EPA+DHA).
The daily dosage (3 capsules) delivers a fat content of 1,6g and Energy equivalent to 17Kcal or 70kJ.

Are the ingredients naturally sourced?
Vitamin E, soy isoflavones, Omega 3 and Lycopene have been obtained from a natural source, while vitamin C is synthesised.

Are the ingredients organic (BIO)?
The ingredients are not certified organic.

Does Beauty Miracle Capsule contain any sweeteners?
Beauty Miracle Capsule does contain sorbitol that is classified as a sweetener and is declared as such on pack (around 0,09g per day).

What are the other ingredients that appear in the list on pack?
Additional ingredients are added to be able to encapsulate the actives in order to better preserve them from the environment
and also to make the capsules easier to swallow.

Are there any additives?
We have added ingredients that make it possible to encapsulate the actives and a natural orange flavour to make it more pleasurable.

Are there any genetically-modified ingredients?
No, we do not use any GM ingredients in Beauty Miracle Capsule formulation.

Which is the composition of the shell?
The shell contains gelatine, glycerine, sorbitol, natural orange flavour and colourants.
The shell is very important to help preserve the key ingredients from external factors and better ensure their efficacy.

Which are the colourants in the shell?
The colourants are E171 (Titanium Dioxide), E133 (Brilliant Blue), E120 (Carmine)

Which is the origin of the gelatine?
Gelatine used in Beauty Miracle Capsule has an animal origin,
it is Kosher and Halal certified.

Is there any gluten?
Beauty Miracle Capsule does not contain gluten.


Which tests have been done to prove the efficacy?
Beauty Miracle Capsule is the result of more than 10 years of research and 5 years of clinical testing.
The active cocktail has been proven repeatedly in independently-run, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies with more than 500 women.

Results have shown demonstrably smoother skin with a visible and significant reduction in lines and wrinkles, showing also greatest efficacy on deeper wrinkles.

Results show a wrinkle reduction up to 25% with an average reduction of 10%.

Is the technology patent?
2 Patents covering the drink format EP 2004 160 B1 (Spain, France, UK, Italy, Poland) and EP 2004 161 B1 (France, UK, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands), and a pending european patent covering the capsule format EP218155.

What means a randomised double-blind clinical trial?
This means the clinical test has been done following a very strict protocol and best practices also used by the medical and pharmaceutical industries:

Randomised:Volunteers assigned by chance to receive either treatment or placebo.
Double blind:Neither the volunteers nor the study staff knew who was receiving treatment or placebo.
Placebo:Product without any active ingredients used as control in the test.

How long do I have to take Beauty Miracle Capsule to notice a skin benefit?
This can vary from person to person. We have proven a significant wrinkle reduction after 14 weeks across a large number of volunteers in very rigorous clinical tests.
To get the full benefit of the product, we recommend taking Beauty Miracle Capsule for at least 14 weeks.

Beauty Miracle Capsule has been designed for a safe long-term usage, so that it can be a permanent part of your skin beauty regime to help fight visible signs of the ongoing ageing process.

Will this skin benefit be only visible on the face?
Beauty Miracle Capsule is taken orally and this means its actives can reach ALL of the skin
but also hair and nails.

How does Beauty Miracle Capsule work?
Beauty Miracle Capsule works due to its proven actives cocktail, Soy isoflavones, Omega-3 (EPA+DHA), Lycopene and Vitamins C & E. This mixture of actives has been carefully selected for their nourishing and caring properties for the skin.
Thus, after a delay of 14 weeks, the reduction in the depth of wrinkles can go up to -25% with an average of -10%.

Can I get the same benefit by taking the nourishing ingredients included in Beauty Miracle Capsule through my diet and/or with other supplements?
We have not specifically tested this, but in principle it ought to be possible.
The key ingredients could be obtained from approx the following foods quantities: 100 peeled almonds (30mg Vitamin E), 3 small oranges (180mg Vitamin C), one and a half glass of soy milk (40mg Soy isoflavones), a small portion of 33g raw salmon (Omega 3) and 1 middle size red tomato (Lycopene).
Beauty Miracle Capsule has carefully selected a precise combination of high quality ingredients with the optimal concentrations to be taken daily.
Besides this it may be difficult to obtain and keep the delivery of all these ingredients at sufficient levels for our daily diet.

Will Beauty Miracle Capsule moisturise the skin?
This has not been tested.

Will Beauty Miracle Capsule protect against sunburn?
No, Beauty Miracle Capsule isn’t a sun protector.

Does Beauty Miracle Capsule substitute creams or serums usage?
No, Beauty Miracle Capsule is recommended to be used in addition to your daily topical skin regime,
so that you can take care of your skin both from the outside and inside.

Will Beauty Miracle Capsule deliver even better results if I combine it with creams and other beauty treatments?
We haven’t tested if there is a further increased benefit by combining Beauty Miracle Capsule with specific creams or beauty treatments,
but we recommend using them together for a more complete skin care regime.

Can Beauty Miracle Capsule be used also to help prevent wrinkle appearance?
We haven’t specifically tested it for prevention, but the actives cocktail in Beauty Miracle Capsule is designed to nourish the skin and better take care of its appearance.

Safety information

Does Beauty Miracle Capsule have any side effects?
Beauty Miracle Capsule has been designed and tested by a team of leading scientists, dermatologists and nutritionists,
and there are no known side effects when taking this product according to pack instructions.

Does Beauty Miracle Capsule have any allergens?
Beauty Miracle Capsule contains fish oil and a soy extract which, like any other food product, may cause allergic reactions in some people. Please consult the ingredient list.
If you think you have had an allergic reaction to Beauty Miracle Capsule, you should stop taking it and seek medical advice.

Are soy isoflavones safe to take?
There is a long history of soy consumption that validates the safety of this ingredient.
Besides this our daily dosage of soy isoflavones is equivalent to taking only one and a half glass of soy milk or 100g tofu.

Can I take too much Omega 3 if I am eating a lot of fish in my diet?
As guidance, it is recommended not take no more than 3 grams per day of Omega-3 oils (EPA+DHA) – with a maximum of 2 grams of this coming from a dietary supplement.
Beauty Miracle Capsule delivers 0.66g per day of Omega 3 EPA/DHA, so there is room for additional Omega 3 intake from other sources.

Is it safe to take more that the Nutrition Reference Value (NRV) for vitamins E & C?
The NRV means “Nutrition Reference Value”, it reflects the minimum dose for a specific ingredient to satisfy the average person’s daily needs:

- Our Vitamin E daily dosage (30mg) is 2.5 times the NRV (12mg). EU maximum safe intake per day of Vitamin E is 300mg.
- Our Vitamin C daily dosage (180mg) is 2.25 times the NRV (80mg). EU maximum safe intake per day of Vitamin C from a supplement is 1g (equal to 1000mg).

The daily dosage of Vitamins C & E in Beauty Miracle Capsule falls well below these maximum safety limits and therefore is safe for intake on a permanent daily basis.
A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are very important, supplements should not substitute for that.

Can I combine Beauty Miracle Capsule with a Vitamin & Mineral complex delivering NVR amounts for Vitamins C&E?
Beauty Miracle Capsule is already delivering sufficient Vitamins C and E to satisfy daily needs.
Nevertheless, it is possible for you to also take a daily vitamin complex to provide other vitamins and minerals if its Vitamin C & E levels are not higher than RDA dosage.

Is Beauty Miracle Capsule suitable for a diabetic person?
Beauty Miracle Capsule does not contain sugar and its carbohydrate content is 0,3g per daily dosage.
Please consult your doctor in case of doubt.

Can I take Beauty Miracle Capsule if I have high cholesterol?
Beauty Miracle Capsule contains Omega 3 (EPA+DHA) that has been proven to contribute to the normal function of the heart.
Please consult your doctor in case of doubt.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t take Beauty Miracle Capsule?
Beauty Miracle Capsule is not recommended for people who have allergies to any of the ingredients listed on the pack.
The nutrients in Beauty Miracle Capsule are found in normal foods, and the levels are acceptable within a normal dietary intake. We advise you not to take them without your doctor’s advice if you think you may be pregnant or while breastfeeding.
We also recommend consulting your doctor if you have a serious medical condition or treatment (for example HRT) and you are unsure about taking Beauty Miracle Capsule.
We also recommend that you consult a doctor if you have a serious medical problem or treatment (for example, hormone replacement therapy) and if you have any doubts about taking Beauty Miracle Capsule.
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