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Collagen Renew Any questions?


Who can take IOMA Collagen Renew?
Collagen Renew was designed for adult women and is particularly suitable for women over 45 years.

Is it possible to take IOMA Collagen Renew before the age of 45?
The effectiveness of Collagen Renew has been proven on the skin of women over 45 years. During this period, wrinkles become a major concern.

Taking Collagen Renew can also be attractive to younger women because the natural renewal of collagen begins to slow down at around the age of thirty.

Collagen Renew is not suitable for children and adolescents.

Is there an age when it is too late to start taking Collagen Renew? For example over 70?
It is quite possible to take Collagen Renew when you are 70 or older.
The effectiveness of this treatment has been proven on women aged between 45 and 65 because it is at this age that, with the effect of the menopause, the skin changes significantly.
However, taking care of your skin is a constant need, regardless of age.

Can men use Collagen Renew?
It is entirely possible for men to use Collagen Renew.
It is recommended for women because its effectiveness has been proven on female volunteers: Collagen Renew has the ability to reduce wrinkles by up to 25% in women from 45 to 65 (-10% on average)

Is Collagen Renew suitable for vegetarians or vegans?
No, Collagen Renew is not suitable for vegetarians and vegans as one of its key ingredients - Omegas 3 - is derived from fish oil.

How many capsules should I take per day?
The recommended daily dose is 3 capsules, to be taken morning or evening, or 2 in the morning and one at night.
The most important thing is to follow the same routine every day for 14 weeks.
The capsules should be swallowed whole without being chewed or crushed.

Is it better to take the capsules alone or after a meal?
It is recommended that you take the capsules with a glass of water immediately after a meal to help improve intestinal absorption.
It is recommended, if possible, that you take them at the same time each day to add a steady dose of active ingredients to your body.

Can I open the capsule and dilute its content in water?
This is not recommended because the active ingredients are not soluble in water.

Can I chew or suck the capsules?
It is recommended that you take the capsules whole, without chewing or sucking.

Can I take Collagen Renew with other skincare products or with cosmetic medicine (e.g. filler)?
This has not been specifically tested.
We are not aware of problems this may cause.
It is recommended that you consult your doctor if necessary.

What should I do if I forget to take one or more capsules of Collagen Renew?
It is recommended that you continue taking the recommended daily dose of 3 capsules without trying to compensate for oversights.
You can take 3 capsules in the evening, if you forgot to take them earlier.
It is recommended that you do not exceed the recommended daily dose (3 capsules).

Can I take Collagen Renew permanently as part of my care routine?
Collagen Renew has been formulated to be taken as part of your daily beauty routine.
You can take it for as long as desired.
There is no required break period.
Remember, a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are very important.
Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

What will happen if I stop taking Collagen Renew?
After stopping Collagen Renew, results may be gradually diminished due to your stopping the input from active ingredients.

Is it possible to continue with a reduced dosage (e.g. one capsule daily) after 14 weeks?
It is important to keep to a daily dosage of 3 capsules because there is evidence that this dose is effective in reducing wrinkles.
It is entirely possible to continue taking Collagen Renew still at 3 capsules per day in order to maintain the benefits acquired.

Is there any recommended dietary advice while taking this supplement? For example: give up caffeine, drink more water?
There is no specific diet associated with Collagen Renew.
It is of course recommended to have a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Similarly, it is necessary to protect the skin against UV rays using a suitable sunscreen product.

Is there any increased effectiveness or faster results if I take more than 3 capsules per day?
In the clinical trials, the results showed a visibly smoother skin with a significant reduction of lines and wrinkles after 14 weeks after taking 3 capsules daily.
It is not advisable to exceed the recommended daily dose.

Can Collagen Renew be taken with cosmetics?
The effect of mixing Collagen Renew with a specific face cream has not been tested.
However, it is recommended that they are combined for a more comprehensive skincare routine.
Collagen Renew works from the inside, while a skin care cream works from the outside and acts to protect the skin against attack.
The two approaches are complementary.


What are the ingredients of Collagen Renew?
Collagen Renew contains a selection of soy isoflavones, Omega 3 (EPA + DHA), vitamins C and E and lycopene.

What exactly are soy isoflavones?
Soy isoflavones are extracted from soy beans and have been carefully selected to provide similar quality as in the plant.

Are the Collagen Renew Soy isoflavones the same as those found in other products such as red clover?
No, the soy has other varieties of isoflavones.
Soy has a long tradition of being consumed, unlike other sources of isoflavones.

What are Omega 3 fatty acids?
The Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for cell membranes.
They play a key role in cellular growth, division and repair.
The Omega 3 fatty acids provided by this food supplement are EPA and DHA, found naturally in fish oil (sardines, mackerel, anchovies).

What is Lycopene?
Lycopene is a red carotene.
The lycopene in Collagen Renew is extracted from red tomatoes and is a natural dye made of several coloured fruits and vegetables.

What is the role of Vitamin E?
Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin in the body.
It is an essential nutrient that must be provided by the food we eat.
It helps protect cells against oxidative damage.

What is the role of Vitamin C?
It is an essential nutrient that must be provided by the food we eat.
Vitamin C is involved in the normal formation of collagen.

Does Collagen Renew contain fats?
This is a fish oil selected for its high content of Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA + DHA).
3 capsules provide 1.6g of fat, or 17kcal/70kJ.

Are Collagen Renew ingredients natural in origin?
Isoflavones, the Omega 3, the Lycopene and Vitamin E are natural, vitamin C is synthetic.

Are Collagen Renew ingredients certified organic?
No, the key ingredients of Collagen Renew are natural - with the exception of Vitamin C which is synthetic - but are not certified Organic.

Does Collagen Renew contain sweeteners?
Collagen Renew contains sorbitol which is considered as a sweetener and is indicated on the pack (about 0.09 g to 3 capsules).

What is the role of the other ingredients listed on the pack?
Additional ingredients make it possible to present the active ingredients in capsule form and thus perfectly preserve them. They also make it easy to swallow the capsules.

Are additives included in the components of Collagen Renew?
Ingredients have been added so the active ingredients can be presented in capsule form, as well as a natural orange flavor to make taking the treatment enjoyable.

Are there any genetically modified ingredients?
There are no genetically modified ingredients in the composition of Collagen Renew.

What is the composition of the capsule shell?
The capsule shell contains gelatin, glycerin, sorbitol, dyes and natural orange flavor.
The shell is really important to ensure that the ingredients are perfectly preserved.

What are the colourings used for the Collagen Renew capsule shell?
The colourings are E171 (Titanium Dioxide), E133 (Bright Blue) and E120 (Carmine).

What is the origin of the gelatine?
The gelatine used for Collagen Renew is of animal origin.
It has been certified Kosher and Halal.

Does Collagen Renew contain gluten?
Collagen Renew contains no gluten.


What tests were conducted to prove the effectiveness of Collagen Renew?
The Collagen Renew care capsule is the result of 10 years of research and five years of clinical tests on 500 women.
The ingredients of the formula are proven effective in independent clinical studies, performed double blind against placebo.

The results showed that the skin is obviously smoother with a visible and significant reduction of lines and wrinkles, also showing greater effectiveness on deep wrinkles.

The results show a reduction in depth of at least 25%, with an average reduction of 10%.

Has the technology been patented?
2 patents on oral formats EP 2004 160 B1 (Spain, France, Great Britain, Italy, Poland) and EP 2004 161 B1 (France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands), and 1 European patent filed on the oral capsule format EP218155

What is a randomized, double-blind trial?
This means that the clinical trial followed a strict protocol, according to good clinical practices used by the medical and pharmaceutical industry:

Randomized: Volunteers Volunteers participating in the study randomly receive the treatment or a placebo (that is to say a product without active ingredients used as a control in the test)
Double-blind: Neither the volunteers nor the study staff know if they are receiving treatment or placebo.
Placebo : Product without any active component used as an indicative witness sample during the test.

How long should I take Collagen Renew to see an effect on the skin?
This may vary from one person to another. A significant reduction in wrinkles has been demonstrated after 14 weeks on a broad sample of volunteers and following the strict clinical test rules.
Therefore, it is recommended that you take the recommended dose of 3 capsules per day for 14 weeks.

IOMA Collagen Renew has been developed for long-term safe use, and can be part of your skin beauty care to help fight the visible signs of aging.

Will skincare benefits be noticeable only on the face?
Collagen Renew has the special feature of being a dietary supplement, taken orally, which means that the active ingredients can reach ALL the skin.
However, the effects on the face, neck and hands are likely to be more evident as they are more susceptible to environmental factors.

How does Collagen Renew work?
The effectiveness of Collagen Renew is related to its composition: soy isoflavones, Omega 3, Lycopene, and Vitamins C and E that contribute to natural collagen production and protect cells against oxidative damage.
Thus, after a period of 14 weeks, the depth of the wrinkles may be reduced up to 25% with an average of -10%.

Can I get the same benefits by taking the ingredients in Collagen Renew through my diet and / or with other dietary supplements?
This was not specifically tested, but in principle it should be possible.
The key ingredients can be obtained by taking each day about these quantities of food: 100 peeled almonds (30mg of vitamin E), 3 small oranges (180 mg of Vitamin C), a glass and a half of soy milk (40 mg of soy isoflavones), a small portion of raw salmon 33g (Omega 3 ) and a red tomato medium (lycopene).
Collagen Renew is based on a careful selection of ingredients chosen for their high quality at an optimal level of concentration to be taken daily.
In fact, through our diet, it may be difficult to obtain and keep all these foods at a sufficient level overtime.

Does Collagen Renew moisturize the skin?
The tests conducted do not enable this point to be scientifically confirmed.

Will Collagen Renew protect against sunburn?
No, Collagen Renew is not a sunscreen or a tanning accelerator.
Collagen Renew is a wrinkle treatment in capsule form as a dietary supplement.

Does Collagen Renew replace serum or facial cream?
No, Collagen Renew is recommended in addition; it works from the inside, whereas a serum or moisturizer work from the outside.
The two approaches are complementary.

Does Collagen Renew provide better results if combined with a face cream?
The effect of mixing Collagen Renew with a specific face cream has not been tested.
However, it is recommended that they are combined for a more comprehensive skincare routine.

Is it possible to take Collagen Renew to prevent the appearance of wrinkles?
The preventative action of Collagen Renew has not been tested, but the cocktail of active ingredients it contains has been prepared to nourish the skin and improve its appearance.

Safety information

Does Collagen Renew have any side effects?
Collagen Renew was designed and tested by a team of scientists, dermatologists and nutritionists.
No side effects were observed with this dietary supplement when taken according to the rules specified in the instructions.

Can Collagen Renew cause any allergic reactions?
Collagen Renew contains fish oil and soy extract which, like other food ingredients, can cause an allergic reaction in some people.
If you think you have had an allergic reaction to Collagen Renew, it is important to stop using it immediately and consult a doctor.

Is it safe to take soy isoflavones?
There is a long history of soy consumption confirming that this ingredient is safe.
Moreover, the level of soy isoflavones in this dietary supplement is equivalent to drinking a glass and a half of soy milk or 100g of tofu.

Can I take too many Omega 3 fatty acids if I eat a lot of fish in my diet?
It is recommended not to exceed 3 grams per day of Omega 3 (EPA + DHA), of which a maximum of 2 grams per day should come from a dietary supplement.
Collagen Renew provides 0.66g per day of Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA / DHA), so there is room for more Omega 3 fatty acids from other sources.

Can I safely exceed the recommended daily doses of vitamins E &am; C?
AR means Reference Intake; it reflects the minimum dose for a specific nutrient to satisfy the daily needs of a normal person.

- The daily dose of vitamin E given by Collagen Renew (30mg) is 2.5 times the AR (12mg). In the European Union, the maximum vitamin E safety is 300mg per day
- The daily dose of vitamin C given by Collagen Renew (180mg) is 2.25 times the AR (80mg). In the European Union, the maximum vitamin C safety is 1g (1000 mg) per day

The daily dose of vitamin C & E supplied by Collagen Renew is well below safety levels, meaning there is no risk with daily use.
A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are very important. Food supplements cannot substitute AR.

Can I take Collagen Renew with a dietary supplement of vitamins & minerals that gives the recommended daily doses of Vitamin C & E?
Collagen Renew provides enough Vitamins C & E to cover your daily requirements.
Nevertheless, it is possible for you to also take another daily vitamin complex to cover other vitamins and minerals if the levels of vitamins C & E are not higher than the recommended levels in these vitamins.

Is Collagen Renew suitable for diabetics?
CCollagen Renew contains no sugar and has a carbohydrate content of 0.3g per day.
If in doubt, it is best to seek advice from your doctor.

Is it possible to take Collagen Renew if you have high cholesterol levels?
Collagen Renew contains Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA + DHA) which have been shown to contribute towards good heart function.
If in doubt, it is best to seek advice from your doctor.

Are there any people who are ill advised to take Collagen Renew?
Collagen Renew is not recommended for those who may have allergies to the ingredients mentioned on the pack.
Collagen Renew ingredients can be found in common food products and the levels are acceptable as part of a normal diet.
We recommend that pregnant and breastfeeding women do not take Collagen Renew without consulting a doctor.
We also recommend consulting a doctor if you have a serious medical problem or are undergoing a course of treatment (such as hormone replacement therapy), and if you have any doubts as to the possibility of taking Collagen Renew.
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