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Eye contour care: the right gestures

22.04.21    « EXPERTS » reports
Written by IOMA Experts

The eye contour is the most fragile area on the face, so this means it is also the area that requires specific care and attention. Here are our recommendations for taking care of your eye contour area.

Why does the eye area need specific skincare treatments?

The eye contour area is fragile because the skin is thinner than elsewhere on the face. It is also less rich in collagen, dryer and more vulnerable to external stresses. Signs of ageing appear earlier around the eyes.

Dark circles under eyes are a colour variation in the eye contour area, which can also affect the skin. They are often due to poor blood circulation, or a lack of cell renewal. It is therefore important to stimulate them.

Puffy eyes are ageing and make you look tired. Just like dark circles, puffiness can be caused by a diet that is too rich, or by consuming alcohol or tobacco, or by a lack of sleep.

Wrinkles are grooves in the surface of the face, often linked to skin ageing. With age, skin loses its elasticity.

To protect the eye contour area and maintain your youthful look, think about altering your beauty routine.

The right routine to care for your eye contour

You don’t need to use too much product ; start by taking a small quantity which you share between both of your index fingers.
Apply the product, starting at the temple and moving towards the eye hollow : on the eye contour bone and use circular movements until the product has been absorbed.

Use the product that best meets your needs

All skin is unique, and choosing the product that meets the needs of your skin is important to ensure that it is really effective.
Choosing Mon Soin Yeux is choosing a unique formula that is suited to your skin from 13,257 possible formulas.

3 actions are combined in the Mon Soin Yeux base : anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles and a lifting action.

4 serums and concentrated active ingredients are also added in customised dose quantities based on your skin diagnosis. They are effective on long-term hydration, self-regulating hydration, and have an anti-dark spot and radiance enhancing, anti-wrinkle and firmness effect on your eye contour area.

“Mon Soin Yeux, ultra-personalisation that will open the door to new expertise in eye contour skincare”

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